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ANIMATICS : MGV collaborate with agency teams, visualising animatic and test film scripts in a vast range of styles.

In this example, traditional artists created the storyboard images and mgv motion graphics artists finished the animatic to agency team's brief. 

This is still the fastest and most flexible way to create an animatic and send to research groups and clients.

BROADCAST : Clips from commercial series we filmed and animated for a global TV campaign. Everything created by us, from scratch, working direct with Glaxo Smith Kleine marketing team.

From the studio in Soho we executed; production, post production, audio recording and mix, mastering, playout and international file delivery to broadcasters in Russia, China , Nigeria and Afghanistan ...  a fraction of the worldwide destinations involved in this exciting broadcast project.

HISTORY :  Originally based by the George pub in Wardour Street London UK, our team has made animatics since the early days of test films, we used one of the very first computer controlled rostrum cameras recording onto awful u-matic video tape, then awkward 'one inch' ,  nifty component and then digital betacam ,  a brave face was put on through the painful costs of the quantel/SGI years and things finally began to stabilise when the mac pro was suddenly producing broadcast ready material.

As imaging technology developed the company has kept pace; we were the original studio in the UK to use Cosa AfterEffects for animatic production with agency teams in 1993 and have been in the vanguard of computer video technique as it has developed.

In the early 90s we moved near to the Coach and Horses in Great Marlborough Street in what is currently Sony headquarters and by the mid 90s we were opposite the legendary Dog & Duck  in  Frith Street with three edit/animation suites and a live action camera studio.

A couple of years with a satellite office and limited public house access in Canary Wharf came to an end around 2002 and we then had fifteen years solid graft in Frith St until 2017 ;  downsizing  to Greek St  where we have a nice bolt hole near the Three Greyhounds.

2020 -2023 Unattended/remote sessions at pre arranged prices are more regular now , beer consumption has suffered !